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Healthcare and Pharma

NDZ transforms healthcare and pharma through pioneering IT solutions that integrate digital health, data-driven insights, and telemedicine advancements, shaping a future where innovation meets excellence in patient care and pharmaceutical progress.
NDZ’s impactful contributions to health and pharma encompass digital transformation, data analytics, and telemedicine innovations, fostering a synergy between technology and life-saving advancements.

With a commitment to innovation, NDZ empowers healthcare providers and pharmaceutical pioneers alike with data-driven insights, secure health data management, and transformative telehealth solutions.
NDZ stands at the forefront of reshaping healthcare and pharma through technology, enabling seamless integration of digital health practices, pharmaceutical innovations, and data-driven strategies for a healthier world.


NDZ is a leader in bringing technology into education and offers creative solutions that transform the learning environment. Our expertise transforms conventional education into interesting digital excursions, from interactive learning platforms to remote teaching tools.

With the aid of NDZ’s educational solutions, students start on individualized learning paths catered to their preferences, pace, and skills.
As a result of our technology’s ability to adjust to individual demands, learning is made more effective and efficient.
NDZ enriches educational institutions with a plethora of digital resources that include e-books, interactive simulations, and virtual labs. These resources enhance student engagement and understanding, fostering a dynamic and comprehensive learning environment.


NDZ leads the adoption of smart manufacturing technology, establishing networked facilities that improve automation, output, and operational insights. Witness a revolution in manufacturing where data and machines coexist harmoniously.

In a dynamic manufacturing landscape, NDZ’s expertise extends to supply chain optimization solutions. From real-time inventory tracking to demand forecasting, our technology ensures smoother operations and cost-effective resource management.
Discover the potential of collaborative robotics with NDZ. Our solutions introduce cobots that work alongside human operators, enhancing efficiency and safety in manufacturing processes, from assembly lines to quality control.
Say goodbye to unplanned downtime with NDZ’s predictive maintenance solutions. By analyzing machine data and implementing predictive algorithms, we enable manufacturers to schedule maintenance before issues arise, maximizing uptime.


By seamlessly combining online and physical channels, NDZ transforms the retail industry. Our technologies establish a seamless shopping experience that enables customers to browse, buy, and easily return products on many platforms.

With NDZ’s solutions for a customized client journey, shop like never before. To better serve and retain customers, we use data analytics to customize product suggestions, marketing plans, and promotions. The technology from NDZ can help retailers manage their inventories more effectively. Product availability is guaranteed through real-time data analysis and demand forecasting, minimizing wastage and boosting profit margins.
In the era of convenience, NDZ introduces contactless shopping solutions that enable customers to make purchases through mobile apps, reducing physical contact and enhancing safety in-store.